Pandas, Gorillas, and Orangutan Vomit, Oh My!

We recently hit up the National Zoo, an impressive and free zoo operated by the Smithsonian.  After attending a ceremony to honor a friend who visited all of the Smithsonian’s in less than 4 months, I wandered around and snapped a few shots of the animals.  While the pandas were amusing as usual, even more entertaining were the gorillas and an orangutan who spent hours entertaining crowds through a window by regurgitating his half-digested food, placing it on the window, and then licking it back up.  The expressions on the gorillas’ faces are pretty incredible; I recommend clicking on those images to enlarge.  Enjoy:

The panda control room.

It's pretty startling how human-like these things are.

The male gorilla charged at the female, beating his chest until she left the log.

Doug and I giggled like children at this for a good 20 minutes.

2 Responses to “Pandas, Gorillas, and Orangutan Vomit, Oh My!”

  1. The pandas are really cute, but the orangutan vomit doesn’t look all that entertaining to me.

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