About Me: My parents are largely to blame for my obsession with photography. They encouraged me to be creative and taught me the basics of photography at a young age. During my freshman year of college, my father loaned me his old Pentax SP500 and I began experimenting with various photographic techniques. I quickly fell in love with observing the world from behind a lens and have been working to improve my skills ever since. Photography offers me a way to express myself while (hopefully) creating something that will positively affect others.

My Experience: An avid hobbyist for years, I have been shooting professionally since 2006, primarily as a freelance photographer for Eastern Kentucky University. My experience also includes weddings, family portraits, sports, adventure races, and special event photography.

My Style: My style is largely a product of my experience working under Chris Radcliffe at Eastern Kentucky University. A patient and trusting mentor, Chris (perhaps inadvertently) influenced me through his own photo-journalistic style. I prefer capturing candid and genuine moments with my own artistic interpretations.